All Post Padding

How safe is your workplace? Do you have exposed beams, poles or posts that create a potentially hazardous environment for you, your staff, or those in your care? If so, what steps have you taken to lessen the liability of your business to claims of negligence?

One simple, low cost way to give you peace of mind on this matter is to use post padding to make these areas safe. Post Padding Australia has a diverse range of padding to suit your needs, with numerous colour, size and foam density options in stock.

Our safety pads are superbly constructed, with a 12 month warranty against manufacturing faults. And we carry our key lines of padding in stock, ready to ship, so you won't have to wait 4-6 weeks to receive them.

Can't find exactly what you need? We can have padding custom made to fit your requirements- just drop us an e-mail, or call on 0409 688 721 for more information or an obligation free quote.